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Who We Are

Kiah Anderson

Junior Account executive

What do you do for Van Dyke Horn?

A big role I have at Van Dyke Horn is project management for clients from a variety of industries including real-estate development, city government and non-profit. Additionally, a large part of my role incudes executing social media strategy and content.

What are some highlights from your previous experience?

Prior to joining the Van Dyke Horn team, I held several leadership positions within student-run organizations such as the Student Government Association at Central Michigan University. I also was lucky enough to obtain two public relations and marketing internship roles, one being at Habitat for Humanity and the other at CKC Agency.

How do you support the community?

During my time at Central, I was passionate about volunteering with Lunch Buddies, a program for at-risk children. I hope to find a similar program here in Detroit so I can continue to try and improve the lives of these exceptional children.

One of your top career achievements:

While interning at Habitat for Humanity, I successfully planned and executed two fundraising events.


Bachelor of Applied Arts in Integrative Public Relations with a minor in Marketing from Central Michigan University. Fire Up Chips!

Favorite quote:

“Believe you can, and you’re half way there” – Theodore Roosevelt.