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Executive Perspective

On April 14, our CEO, Peter Van Dyke, moderated Wayne State PRSSA's virtual discussion of the communication barriers born from the COVID-19 pandemic, what local communications practitioners plan to keep in their toolbox, and what they're happy to leave behind.

Client Highlights

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Agency Updates

VDH Celebrates Black History & Women's History Months

At Van Dyke Horn, we practice a mission of equity through diversity, inclusion and equal access to opportunity. That is our legacy. Throughout the month of February, Black staff members highlighted their biggest Black role models. And throughout the month of March, our female-identified staff members highlighted their largest career achievements.

"She’s proof that you can have it all— a career, an education, a family, and, most importantly, the ability to be a person who makes helping others a priority. At times when I get overwhelmed, I’ll think about the things that Mrs. Obama has accomplished amid those tough times at the White House. It helps me realize I can overcome adversity and inspires me to keep going." ​

"Harriet Tubman dedicated her life to fighting against a system that treated Black lives and Black bodies as capital...Her journey helps me put things into perspective as it relates to life’s challenges. I’m constantly inspired by her perseverance, courage and determination. Her story serves as a reminder that fighting for what you believe in and just generally doing the right thing is always a worthy cause."

"I admire Dr. King's vision for equality and the way he fought his battles with ideas and non-violence. My life is still impacted today by barriers of discrimination and bias. But like Dr. King, I always fight these injustices non-violently with my ideas. I move forward while acknowledging that he initiated the pivotal change in advancing civil rights, which allowed me to become the black woman business owner I am today."


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