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Executive Perspective

Since our founding in 1998 by Bob Berg and Georgella Muirhead, our agency has been strongly committed to representing diversity on our team at every level and in every way. This goes beyond HR policies. It is a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture and developing an equitable work environment where current and potential team members feel represented and respected. This is not only important for our agency, but it also makes us better partners for the clients and communities we serve. Van Dyke Horn conducts important work for clients in communities of color across Michigan. We do that work effectively and with excellence. Our clients are confident in our abilities to provide sensitive counsel and communications strategies around diversity and equity because they see it in action at Van Dyke Horn every day. It is a process not a project and it influences our thinking and actions across the agency. Building a diverse team doesn’t just happen. It is thoughtful and intentional, and it begins with building a pipeline of diverse talent. That’s why when Marilyn Horn and I acquired our predecessor’s agency, Berg Muirhead, we developed a scholarship at Wayne State University to honor the founders and support students of color and students from historically disenfranchised communities. The Berg Muirhead Scholarship for Public Relations Student Advancement has supported 10 students with $13,000. Some of these students have become Van Dyke Horn team members and others have gone on to build strong careers in organizations across our region. We couldn’t be more proud and honored to support the recipients of our scholarship and congratulate this year’s honorees Alana Tuppins and Veronica Weisenbach. The legacy of our firm lives on in these students and we wish them the best in their education and careers in public relations.

Client Highlights

clienthighlight - Hudson-Webber Foundation (2)
clienthighlight - Crain's DEI Award 2021 (4)
clienthighlight - invest detroit
clienthighlight - UWBCKR
Cultural Institution
ClientHighlight- DFC New Report
ClientHighlight- Somerset Collection Out of this World (1)
The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission launched this spring to ensure Michigan is redistricted fairly. (1)

Agency Updates

Van Dyke Horn Goes Back to the Office

This past month, the Van Dyke Horn team returned to the office on a hybrid work schedule. It has been great to collaborate in person safely! As a treat, members of the Van Dyke Horn team taste-tested Faygo’s new limited-edition flavor, Firework, at the end of the day!

Juneteenth Becomes a National Holiday

Each year, Juneteenth reminds us all that change is not only necessary but that it is inevitable. As we celebrate the significance of this historic day, now federal holiday, we must reflect on our past and our future, and take necessary action to further justice and equity for all. We stand encouraged by the resilience and tenacity of our community, the city of Detroit and our nation.

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